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Live & Life is a unique décor that’s easy to set up. Wall stickers, a printed carpet, illustrations, light fixtures, dishes and cutlery come together to create an ambience that’s modern, creative and recreational. The décor carries your customers into the “live music” dimension.

Wall stickers

Legendary song titi es are embossed on a record-shaped wall sticker. They make you want to hum these timeless melodies. One song stands out it expresses Live & Life spirit.

Printed carpet

The same concept as for the wall motifs: capitalising on the major hits of music history. Words that resonate like an invitation :


A collection of scenes from concerts engraved on metal, captioned by quotes from famous writers.
A colourful touch – the red Live & Life plug – ties it all together.

L'univers Live&Life

A colourful ambience

Each Live & Life Caffè restaurant has a remote-controlled LED network.
A changing, evolving atmosphere: the lighting varies over the day, matching the «colour» of the hour: relaxed, cosy or festive.

Light fixtures

Exclusive light fixtures in small, medium and large sizes. Their design was inspired by photos of cheering fans or moments of togetherness during concerts. They express the «live» dimension of the Live & Life concept the relationship between the audience and musicians.


Booklet menus

Booklet menus are manufactured using high-quality materials. A modular system makes menu changes quick and inexpensive.
Their design borrows from the wall stickers: a series of music hits combined in the shape of a record. They invite guests to sing along before ordering.

Vinyl menus

The menu is printed on a real vinyl record, an LP picture disc printed with original songs with unplugged versions produced by Live & Life. The client “scratches” the menu to discover all the dishes.

L'univers Live&Life


Live & Life napkins and Live & Life uniform

Useful and attractive. The napkins are printed with four funny

– A shirt with the Live & Life logo
– Black shoes and trousers
– A red apron (with notepad and pen pocket)

L'univers Live&Life
L'univers Live&Life
L'univers Live&Life

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