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Live & Life is a real community brought together by live music. The passion is fuelled by various media formats: the web radio liveandlife.fm and www.liveandlife.fm website, the video feed Liveandlife.channel, plus Live & life Follow Me, a newsletter accessible via smartphone, or Live & Life Vidéo magazine, available in all the guest rooms of our partner hotels.


Diffraction Sound ConceptTM

Live & Life is, first and foremost, the Diffraction Sound ConceptTM brand, a high-tech omnidirectional audio system that gives astonishing results.

The sound is unique. Broadcast 360°, in perfect clarity, the music envelops you without ever being intrusive.

L'univers Live&Life


A Live & Life exclusive

Each Live & Life Caffè broadcasts Live & Life.fm. The musical programming is designed like the dishes on our menu: balanced, light and unique. There are no limits on the choice of songs: the best singers, the most beautiful lyrics, from the greatest jazz musicians to today’s pop stars, and everything in between: world music, R’n’B, rock, latino, funk or even deep house…

With special emphasis on live acoustic sounds.

Boosting client loyalty

Its programming and “unplugged” focus make Live & Life.fm stand out from other web radios.
This allows us to build a relationship with the listener that goes beyond Live & Life Caffè, via our website and our free smartphone app.

L'univers Live&Life


Image echoes sound

The image of any Live & Life Caffè, restaurant is built partly on… images. lncluding those of the Live & Life.channel, a non-stop video feed broadcast on flat-screen TVs on the restaurant’s walls. The feed is remotely managed via a central server that synchronises it with the web radio’s programming.

Live & Life.channel consists of:

- short theme documentaries presenting festivals and concerts scheduled around the country and in surrounding countries
- video portfolios of musicians, singers, dancers, painters, sculptors, photographers, video artists and designers
- adverts promoting products from the Live & Life boutique
- theme videos about rock, pop, jazz, latino, funk and groove stars

Bien plus qu'un restaurant

Only in restaurants

Live & Life Video magazine

Available in all the guest rooms of our partner hotels through a special in-house channel. Guests are invited to tune in for a “taste” of the concept and to join the Live & Life community.

Live & Life Follow Me

Live & Life aIso works closely with its clients through Live & Life FOLLOW ME. This is a mini e-newsletter for smartphones. The user receives a link by text message, taking him or her to an interactive newsletter. Six brief news items are on the cover page. The first items give rock’n’roll news or anecdotes. Then, once users have caught onto the system, they receive items with a more commercial focus, announcing news about Live & Life. It’s also the perfect media outlet for invitations to “private showcase” events, 24 hours before the showcase begins.

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